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-All of a Kind-

2-Time Charlotte Music Award Nominated

All of a Kind is a proud Carolina band based out of the Charlotte area. They have been together for a short 2 years and have been quickly gaining momentum and fans each time they play. With what's been coined by one fan as "Blues, Rock and Sanctified Funk", AoK has been pushing back against the stereotypical 'rock sound'. All of a Kind sounds like what would happen if Bootsie Collins, Dave Matthews and Ted Nugent had a love child.  It's Rock & Roll with a slice of some uptown, urban Funk and a side of Blues.

Go see the band live and you'll see them in their natural element. They have shared the stage with many of the Charlotte area mainstays (Robert Johnson Jr, Pam Taylor, Jeff Gates, Sonny Skyzz, Gary Ramsey and Mike Taylor and many others) and have gained the respect of their peers - but at the same time, they've stayed humble, made time for fans and kept it real.

All of a Kind lays down a tight groove, a loose feel and a great time for anyone who comes to see their shows. That's why they are twice-nominated for a Charlotte Music Award.  Roger Cullis, a National promoter, board member of the Charlotte Music Awards and Grammy voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences says this about AoK: "All of a Kind are about as American as music can get. Their sound is familiar yet all their own. They artfully craft songs using influences from about every style of American music.  They blend Rock & Roll, Blues, Americana and Country, and if you listen closely, even some hints of jazz.  Put it all together and you have a delicious musical stew that is pleasing to the ear.  It'll stick to your ribs and make your feet move.  There's a little something for everybody.  At a time when so much seems to be so wrong in the world of music, All of a Kind is what's right"  -Roger Cullis, Cullis Entertainment

For bookings, contact the band at or call Stooty on the direct line: (803)627-5101.